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Originally Posted by Debrafan View Post
Maybe they wanna go out with a bang.
No...they wouldnt hire someone new to go out with a bang. If they wanted to go out with a bang, they'd do much more then hire one new cast member.

And I think we can guarentee that Season 13 is happening, and this might even be a sign that Season 14 is happening, because they seem to have a lot of faith in this girl, and I don't think they'd hire her if they were only going to put her on there for a season and a half if they think she's going to be so good.

Originally Posted by Debrafan View Post
I thought that too! I wonder what kind of roles she will get, seeing that Arden usually gets the dumb blonde roles.
I hope they don't just stick her in dumb blonde roles like they did with Arden in Season 11. Arden has been getting different roles this year and it's showing she's not a horrible cast member after all. I don't think they will though. I think they're going to make her a character girl.

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