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Did anyone notice that like half of Nicole's roles in this episode were non-speaking? Check it out at the newly summarized version.

I think this was Debra's first really good episode.


When a * is seen, that means that the sketch is topical of the times, and it gets an extra due to the fact that I may not fully get it.


Conference Call: This one was ok. The highlight was Nancy saying how nice Toronto is. What a bold face lie! Toronto is never nice, especially in November.

MADtv Pays Homage #1: Not very original but still good.

*IZM-Paris: I don't like sketches like this with no cast members in it. It just seems out of place. It was a little funny, but the no cast members thing really bugged me. I mean why couldn't someones like Bryan and Orlando be in this role, or Nicole and Mary. Now that would be hot!

Krishna Rock: This one was actually more enjoyable a time after. The highlight was Rommy rockin out to Krishna. I think they could get more conversions if they rocked out like that.

Lowered Expectations-Mary: The first Lowered Expectations. A historic sketch. just for that fact it gets . As for the first one, there of course have been funnier but this one was still good. The highlight was Louise saying that one of her turn offs is men who fall asleep inside her.

Urine Monologue: A perfect way to ruin a great story. Who knew that Debra was such a urine aficionado? The highlight was Artie saying "here I come out here wanting to tell a story about my grandfather taking me fly fishing, and instead I get a hankering for piss".

*Affirmative Crips: I really didn't get this sketch. If you look at my summary, (which is at the top) you could tell that I had a lot of trouble writing this one because I just didn't get it. I did like seeing Patton Oswald of future King of Queens fame in this one though. The highlight was Phil in this one. His stuttering was great.

Got Urine?: Short and not that sweet. The highlight was Nicole's hair, which looked extremely beautiful in this one.

Don Martin-Beach Shovel **Animation**: After doing some research, I find it odd that they named these all after Don Martin, considering he left MAD Magazine to go work for rival Cracked after he had a fight with the MAD people? As for the sketch, you don't want to know what i think about that, although if you have read my past reviews, you would know how much I don't like Don Martin animated live-action cartoons.

Larry King Gone Mad: I really didn't think this was that funny. The highlight was Larry getting ready to go down on the lamp.

Lowered Expectations-Artie: This one wasn't too bad. The highlight was Artie pulling off the Texas accent since he is not from there, and he pulled it off quite well.

*IZM-Torture: Again, no cast members, not enough fun.

When Harry Met Willy: Not too bad. Phi's Billy Crystal is great. The highlight was of course, the scene in the deli.

Lowered Expectations-Nicole: This is definitely not the woman for me. If I could not tap that, I would probably go nuts. The highlight was Patty saying that one of her turn offs was Negroes, because of the audiences shocked expression.

Midnight Golfer: Not too bad. I didn't really get it, but I don't think I was suppose to. The highlight was Roger getting really mad when he thinks Phil calls him gay.

Don Martin: Stretching **Animation**: Getting revenge is sweet.

Breaking Up on Death Row: I didn't really like it, and I've always been against the motion of Jeremy being considered a character. If we use this as defense to create a character, than almost every episode in season 14 would contain like 2 characters in each episode. The highlight would have been if they killed Jeremy. Now that would have been funny.

Buzzing Up: Even though I didn't really get it, I did love Nicole in this one. I loved how she said things like "his car matched my eyes" and "he's Copperfield. Make yourself disappear". She was definitely the highlight in this one.

Lowered Expectations- Jeremy: This is what made Jeremy a character against my wishes, so I hate this sketch. Also, it didn't really seem to connect to the last sketch. All of the things Jeremy said he hated, and stuff seemed a little suspicious. They didn't really go with the Jeremy we saw in the first part.

*IZM-Drug Deal: Now this is better! Actual MADtv cast members. The highlight was the fact that they were talking about drugs, not computers.

Celibacy: This one was really one of Debra's highlight sketches. How she groped Bryan like that was fantastic, and her climaxing face, simply brilliant! After the groping, and the climax face was Debra after the event. If you see her, her nipples are erect, which was a really nice touch if it was planned, and if it wasn't, way to act Debra! Also, her actions with her hands were also great. A rare 5 starer. Great job Debra.

Backstage: It was ok, but it wouldn't have been much without the choreography. The highlight was Tabitha saying "now I know the kind of two-faced bitch you are!" because of the audiences reaction, and because of Nicole's delivery.

Spy Vs Spy-Log Jam **Animation**: Finally a Spy Vs. Spy! There were not enough in this episode. This one wasn't really special due to the reasons I have stated over and over again in previous review.

MADtv Pays Homage #2: I loved seeing Nicole hugging Orlando in this. She looked so sweet. The highlight was the fact that if you look at the sound crew while they are singing the song We Make the Sounds that Make the Whole World Laugh, they are just saying We Make the Sounds that Make the Whole World Laugh over and over again.

Out of 120 this episode got 77 stars. That's about a C+ rating in my book. A good episode overall and actually better than the previous one, which I also thought was good. Way to go MADtv. Your moving to something special. I can see you being on for another over 15 seasons.


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