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Default Taran Killam on TPIR

During the last season of TPIR with Bob Barker towards the middle, Taran Killam was an actual contestant on their. I think he won his prize during a pricing game and was seen in the showcase showdown (but didn't make it to the final showcase). A funny moment happened however when Taran was about to spin the wheel, he accidentally ripped the microphone from Bob and Bob said "he disarmed me!" Taran got on the grabbed the mic and put his head down with the mic in the air handing it to Bob as if he treated Bob like royalty. I also believe he did a hoedown dance with an old lady who played the hermonica. This is 100% true. Sorry for not searching, but he was on MADtv, and I am sure everyone would like to know this. If I can find a clip on Youtube, I'll post it.

How ironic it is for him to be a contestant on the real TPIR when he was a fake one on the TPIR parody playing a soldier. Maybe Taran had a real dream to be the TPIR some day and his dream come true. (Also, I think this is the first time a person who has appeared on TV numerous times has been a contestant.) I think Bob didn't know him though. Just thought I'd let you all know.

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