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Who comprised the original cast of MADtv?
Bryan Callen, David Herman, Orlando Jones, Phil LaMarr, Artie Lange, Mary Scheer, Nicole Sullivan, and Debra Wilson were, collectively, the original cast of MADtv. Craig Anton was hired as well, but he was replaced at the last minute by Bryan Callen for unknown reasons. Anton went on to appear on the show sporadically throughout its first three seasons.

Who's in the cast now?
Carlie Craig, Chelsea Davison, Jeremy D. Howard, Amir K, Lyric Lewis, Piotr Michael, Michelle Ortiz, and Adam Ray.

Which cast member spent the most time on the show?
Michael McDonald is MADtv's longest running cast member. Season 13 marked his tenth and final season on the show. Bringing up his rear are Debra Wilson, Aries Spears, and Bobby Lee, all of whom stuck around for eight seasons.

Which cast member spent the least time on the show?
Jill-Michele Melean holds the record for least time spent on the show as a regular. She appeared in a mere 10 episodes before moving on. Were featured players to be included, Brooke Totman would hold the record, having appeared in only three episodes.

How long do cast members usually stay on the show?
Because MADtv requires its regulars to sign five-year contracts, the average run for a cast member is five years. Most performers opt not to extend their contracts after they expire, but a few have, including Nicole Sullivan, Debra Wilson, Aries Spears, Bobby Lee, and of course, Michael McDonald.

What is a "featured player"? How does this differ from a regular cast member?
Oftentimes, the powers that be will extend a four-episode contract to a performer as a means of testing that performer out before making a commitment. These part-time cast members are referred to as "featured players". When a featured player's contract expires, the show has the option to renew said contract for additional episodes, and the performer has the option to accept or decline.

Can a featured player be promoted to a regular cast member?
Yes! In fact, most series regulars started off as featured players. Many featured players, however, are never promoted to regular status and are dropped after a few episodes or after their first season. Craig Anton, Tim Conlon, Brooke Totman, Dannah Feinglass, Kathryn Fiore, Taran Killam, Simon Helberg, Christina Moore, Melissa Paull, Gillian Vigman, Spencer Kayden, Lisa Donovan, Daheli Hall, Anjelah Johnson, and Dan Oster are among those who never made it past featured status.

Have any cast members NOT started off as featured players?
Excluding the original cast, Will Sasso, Aries Spears, Andrew Bowen, Mo Collins, Christian Duguay, Frank Caliendo, Arden Myrin, and Johnny Sanchez are the only performers who have completely foregone featured status.

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