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What is a "one-off" sketch?
Any sketch with an original premise -- that is, any sketch that doesn't utilize recurring characters or celebrity impressions -- qualifies as a one-off. Many one-off sketches are simply character sketches that were never recurred.

What is a "remote" sketch?
Any segment not taped on set (including red carpet events) qualifies as a remote. These segments are commonly referred to as "out on the town" sketches.

Do cast members write their own sketches?
From time to time, cast members do, in fact, write their own sketches. However, their scripts must first be approved by the writers before further action is taken, and even if a sketch is taped, there's no guarantee that it will make it to air.

Which recurring character has been utilized the most?
Alex Borstein's Ms. Swan holds this record with a whopping 40(!) appearances.

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