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How many episodes are in a season?
Most seasons of MADtv are comprised of 25 episodes; however, in recent years, episode counts have been cut back due to budget constraints. Season 10, for example, had 23 episodes, Seasons 11 & 12 had 22, Season 13 had 16, and Season 14 had 17. Additionally, the first two seasons had fewer episodes than Seasons 3-9, with Season 1 having 19 and Season 2 having 22.

What are the Season 6 holdover episodes?
In Season 6, five additional episodes were produced above and beyond the customary 25 count: #626-#630. These episodes were comprised of sketches taped during Season 6 with the Season 6 cast, but the episodes aired a year later during Season 7. Why? Because a potential writers strike was brewing in Hollywood, the powers that be felt compelled to prepare for the worst. The strike never went through, however, so the episodes were interspersed throughout Season 7 as "holdovers".

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